These are fragments of my life that I am allowing you to take a peek.

Do not be aggravated when…

Do not be aggravated when your pride is wounded. Embrace the aggravation instead. You’ll surely feel a lot stronger in serenity.

Had this wonderful reminder this morning.

Humility is the coolest weapon.


My Daily Reminder

I just want to share to you a very encouraging and sensible reminder that I am keeping for a little while.


I have seen this for quite some time now in StumbleUpon’s quotes. And this really made me refrain from getting myself into trouble. Every time I feel like punching or shouting and even cursing at someone I will just try to close my eyes and remind myself of this. I am trying hard to become a better person, friend, and daughter. Aside from constantly asking for God’s guidance, this wonderful reminder helps me get through the rough tides of life.

” Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you pray, forgive. And before you quit, try.”

I hope that this will also inspire you each day.

God bless.

Blissful Sabbaths are with Sisters

Today is Sabbath. And I didn’t make it home. Sabbath is the best day of the week. I get to see my family while enjoying God’s inspirational messages in church. After scanning randomly my Facebook pictures, it hit me. I miss them! 😦

This one had so much impact.



The chatty/blabber-filled girl. The listening-lady.

Yeah! Sue me girls. I miss you all. Mama, Papa, and our Darya (just kidding, it’s Daryl my brother).

Well, I’ll just fix this with Sally DeFord’s

My Sister’s Hands

My sister’s hands are fair and white; my sister’s hands are dark
My sister’s hands are touched with age, or by the years unmarked
And often when I pray for strength to live as He commands
The Father sends me sustenance in my sister’s hands

My sister’s hands are lined and worn with burdens of their own
And yet I know that should I mourn, I need not weep alone
For often as I seek His grace to lighten life’s demands
The Father sends me solace borne in my sister’s hands

My sister’s hands: compassion’s tools that teach my own their art
Witnesses of charity within the human heart
Bearers of the Savior’s love and mercy unto man
I have felt the Master’s touch in my sister’s hands

If you have a sister or a brother, tell them you love them.

(Though I find it so hard all the time. I will take a bold step this time.)  

We’ll get there girls. mwah! I love you! 

‎”Therefore I tell you…

‎”Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in a prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24, NIV

Pray. Believe and Receive.

Flowers are God’s Way of Smiling with Us


(This picture was taken from my Aunt’s front yard.)

Today, I had the most entertaining and inspiring reminder from my morning devotional with Pastor Doug Batchelor of Sacramento Central Church. I had this habit for almost a week now, to take a pause before I do anything every morning and spend some time for a morning devotional. I have been experiencing some turmoil and trials lately that I find it so hard to get through without God.

I felt so blessed that I have found the website. Today I have chosen “CONSIDER THE LILIES”.  And I was reminded by Pastor Doug of God’s love and mercy through his sermon. This sermon made me smile. And smiling is a great way to start your day, isn’t it?

One of the verses that I love so much from his message is found in Matthew 6:28-30. I am using the New International Version. It says,

“And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you – you of little faith?”

Indeed, God never fails to care for us, His children. It’s just us who worry so much that we fail to see what God has prepared and already has given us. We are just too busy looking for “what we want to see” and never for “what we already see and receive”. Oftentimes, blinded by our worldly pleasures and desires, we forgot the little things that matter most.

I would just like to share it to you how I was reminded by God’s existence with the exquisite and surreal beauty of flowers.  God has always taken care of us with these gorgeous living things. Let me remind you of some instances. And tell me, whenever flowers, either as expensive bouquets or as freshly picked ones from the garden, haven’t lifted your lowly spirit and inspired your hearts.

  • In sickness, whether in hospital or home bed. Wouldn’t a visitor or a friend bearing with flowers lighten you up and makes you feel happy that may provoke your mind to feel healthy again? You really don’t mind of how these flowers come or where they are from. It’s their beauty that gives you radiance and makes you feel loved.
  • Flowers play vital roles in romance no matter what circumstances. Most people in the world, particularly men, love to give flowers. Especially during courtship, flowers never miss the spotlight. And women love this gesture. It is a simple act of affection but certainly gives joy.
  • In special occasions, flowers never fail to brighten up the venues.
  • In times of loneliness, flowers give you innate warmth and gladness. Just by looking at your vase of flowers or even going to certain flower beds will give you peace and invigorate your emotion. Their beauty will remind you of God’s love and you are never alone.

These are just among the many circumstances we experience as we continue to tread on our life’s journey. But we should not dwell on them. Let us leave them behind and move on so that we may never miss to see how wondrous God’s love is along the way.

Flowers are used by God to make us smile. Let’s never worry because we have the flowers as proofs of God’s existence and of His eternal love. Take time to savor the simple and exquisite beauty of flowers. It will surely give you joy and help you start your day right with a smile.

(You can visit  for some Archives of Pastor Doug’s messages under Everlasting Gospel.)

“Remember this, all of y…

“Remember this, all of you. Nothing counts so much as blood. The rest are just strangers.”
– Nicholas Earp

This is one of my favorite lines in Wyatt Earp (1994) movie. A father reminding his children how important family is. Family is so precious, indeed. 



This is my first time to do blogging. And I felt thrilled to explore wordpress.

Sharing blissful thoughts and experiences is my HAPPINESS.

Let’s delve into the the world together. *wink*